ETD Checklist

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To Submit an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD):

  1. Read the official Checklist for Preparing ETD and review the sample preliminary pages.
  2. Select an ADV Form 11 b or d template to guide you: Thesis template or Dissertation template.
  3. Submit paper thesis, dissertation, or selected project to committee for final approval.
  4. Complete and obtain signatures on Page 2 of the Approval for Final Dissertation, or Thesis (ADV Form 8d)
    • ALL department, college, and committee signatures on ADV Form 8d are REQUIRED.
  5. Review the ETD tutorials on the Software Training website. There are two play lists, one for PC users and one for Mac users: Topics covered:
    • Headings
    • Page Numbering
    • Generating an Automatic Table of Contents
    • Converting to PDF (2 methods)
  6. Convert document to a .pdf file using Adobe Acrobat.
    • Embed all fonts in the PDF
    • Failing to embed all fonts will result in many font errors in a printed and bound document. ALWAYS use Adobe Acrobat to convert to PDF!! All fonts must be embedded.
    • Software Training in the Library (422-1353) has computers with Adobe Acrobat and can assist in converting files.
  7. Click on the Login button on the left to upload your ETD and complete the submission process.
  8. Monitor the status of approvals by logging in to your ETD account.
  9. When the ETD status shows "Grad Office Review" take the following to Graduate Studies (105 FPH)
    • ADV Form 8d (signed and completed, including BYU Student ID #)
    • UMI confirmation email (only for dissertations)
    • A thumb drive with your ETD in PDF, just in case you have make minor edit
  10. For your convenience a list of items that will be reviewed in your PDF by your department, college, and Graduate Studies is provided here.

If your department requires bound copies, you must also upload your PDF to and give proof to your department that the bound copies have been ordered.

Personal bound copies can be ordered in a similar manner.