Prepare Your ETD

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Before you can submit your ETD, you must first convert your document to PDF format. The PDF must conform to all of the requirements listed below. Help is available in the "How to" section below.


  • Single PDF Document
    Submit a single PDF document without any external multimedia files. For most ETDs, the PDF document should be created for viewing with later versions of Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  • Embed all fonts
    Failing to do so will cause your ETD to be disapproved. See tutorial below
  • Bookmarks
    The PDF document must have bookmarks to all chapters, sections and subsections, including preliminary pages that duplicate the Table of Contents. Bookmarks to sections and subsections of chapters should be nested (indented). Also, when the PDF document opens, the bookmarks panel should open to the left of the document pages.
  • No Signature Pages
    The PDF document does not contain signature pages. An optional signature page may be added to personal and department paper copies if desired.
  • Rotate Landscape Pages
    All landscape pages in PDF documents should be rotated 90 degrees for the benefit of users viewing the pages on their computer screen.
  • Internal Links
    When tables, figures or multimedia objects/elements are placed at the end of the ETD document and not on or near the page where referenced, bookmarks or hyperlinks should be used to refer the user to the specific tables, figures or multimedia elements.
  • No External Links
    It is recommended that links to external websites should not be included in ETDs because, over time, most URLs will change. The URL text may be included but should not be included as a link.
  • Embedded Multimedia Objects
    Any multimedia objects/elements (sound, video, simulations, etc.) must be embedded in the PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Professional Edition.

Help Converting to PDF

The links below are provided to help you prepare your ETD for submission. For access to the professional version of Adobe Acrobat, you can go to any computer in the Harold B. Lee Library.

How to convert to PDF

Review the ETD Tutorials on the IT Train website:

Topics covered:
  • Headings
  • Page Numbering
  • Generating an Automatic Table of Contents
  • Converting to PDF (2 methods)

Using Adobe Acrobat to


The Lee Library has the professional version of Adobe Acrobat available on all computers in the Library.

For assistance in converting your thesis or dissertation document to PDF, go to the Software Training Office, located in 4840 HBLL (Media Center) in the Library. They can be reached at 422-1353.

ETD and Word training is offered by the Software Training office. The lab computers have the professional version of Adobe installed. To sign up for a class, go to and find the Electronic Theses and Dissertations class.

Final Details Checklist

For your convenience a list of items that will be reviewed in your PDF by your department, college, and Graduate Studies is provided here.